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How to perform a proper problem description with the 5W2H method

How to perform a proper problem description with the 5W2H method

One of the key aspects found in problem solving, possibly the one most essential, is a correct description of the problem, which helps solve the problem quicker - this can be achived by using the 5W2H method, which consists of asking 7 questions - 5 starting with "W", and 2 starting with "H".

Solving quality problems is one of the key operational elements of every production facility. Financial costs added by clients through customer complaints and their consequences generate loses. In extreme cases they decide the fate of the company. Efficient problem solving concerns both the supplier and the customer.

One of the elements of the problem solving analysis is the 5W2H method. It is a part of the 8D Report as defined in the D2 step - Problem identification. As previously mentioned it consisits of answering 7 questions.

5W2H Questions

What? exactly have happened? What product does the problem concerns? What is he nature of the problem (where on the product does the defect occur)? What component has this problem?

Who? is involved in this situation and whom it concerns? Which client reported the problem? Which clients can it also concern?

Where? have the problem occur? On which machine? With what machine settings, and during which operation? If the problem was found by the client it is necessary to gather this information.

When? was the problem first observed? It is important, because it helps define the time horizont, on which should we focus and prepare the list of the changes that occured during this time, and could be the reason of the problem.

Why? has the problem occured? What are the currently known casuses of the problem? The analysis of the previous problems' soultions, previously reported noncomformities and internal audits' results (e.g. Layered Process Audits – LPA) may prove helpful in answering this question.

How?? was the problem discovered? On what basis did the reporting person state thet the problem did occur: visual control, measurements? Does the problem occur continuously or only under certain conditions? What are these conditions?

How many? items does the problem affect? What is the scale of the problem? With what frequency: is 100% of the pieces defecitve or e.g. only first shift batch or 1 in X items is defective? Finding out the scale of the problem helps to correctly address the corrective actions.

5W2H Questions

5W2H Problem Identification in Action Plan

The Action Plan software delivers many tools, which may help not only in problem solving e.g. using the 8D method, but also strictly in problem identyfication with 5W2H. It consists of:

  • Template library with a ready-made action plan for 5W2H,
  • E-mail and push notification system for the best effectivenes of in-team communication,
  • Clear action plan view as a table with designated responsible people, or as a Gantt diagram,
  • Automatically created knowledge base allowing more efficient and targeted actions in the future,
  • Access to the reports and diagrams in real time, and an option of exporting the raw data to the XLSX format for additional analysis.
5W2H Problem Identification in Action Plan

Key benefits of using Action Plan for problem identification

Time save and immediate action - Use pre-made action plan template for 5W2H problem identification, in order to start hte analysis as fast as possible. Customize the template for the individual needs of Your company, for it to even better meet the company standards, and in order to start the 5W2H action plan with just one click.

Appropriate allocation of responsibility - In Action Plan all responsibilities are clearly and specifically defined: the 5W2H action plan owner knows exactly who is responsible for each step and can see the current state of progress. They also have access to tools improving the communication with the team responsible for solving the problem.

Faster drawing conclusions and efficient solving of similar problems - All the information, data, comments, attachments and analysis created as a part of the 5W2H action plan make up a structured knowledge base, which can be use for even faster and more effective problem solving in the future.

How to use Action Plan in 3 steps?

Step 1

Click on the link below and fill out a short form in which we will ask you to provide some basic information about your organization.

Step 2

One of our specialists will contact you and arrange an online meeting with you, where you will see how the Action Plan could work in your organization.

Step 3

Based on the information obtained, we will prepare a properly configured Action Plan and make it available for free testing for up to 60 days! During the test period, we will help you use the tool as efficiently as possible.