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Michał, Sysadmin

Michał, Sysadmin


programmingorganization, Shortened links in the Action Plan ecosystem

In mid-2022, the address appeared among our services. Its main task has become to present longer links in a shorter form. This is especially useful when sending them in messages with a character limit (e.g. SMS or Twitter posts). Originally, the main assumption of the website was to redirect to the addresses where you can download Action Plan Pulse - in the App Store and Google Play respectively - and the privacy policy.

Later, there was an idea to use the website to point to resources in the Action Plan ecosystem. In this way, our customers using the address can easily go to Action Plans, Actions and Audits.

The link syntax is as follows:

Where AP-0001 is the resource identifier next to its name.

If the user is not logged in, logging in will be necessary after opening the shortened link. Although the domain will be present in the address bar, the correct resource will be displayed after logging in.

This functionality is available to all users using the address as well as the addresses, and

The service will be systematically used to an increasing extent - especially when it comes to sending short messages. You should not worry about its security - the service is developed and managed by us - so there is no risk of malicious links or other undesirable elements. Similarly, each shortened link to a resource in the above-presented format requires authentication cannot be used for unauthorized access to our clients' data.

We wish you a fruitful use of the Action Plan ecosystem.

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